Follow these instructions…

Christmas has been and gone, and with it lots of instructions – new child’s games, more adventurous recipes than usual to cook up in the kitchen, and technical household gadgets that should be simple to use but aren’t!

Which made me spend more time than usual thinking about who writes these instructions – and how do they test them?

I spent no less than 2 hours constructing a constellation globe – my 9 year old left me to it after about 10 minutes – is it just me? Am I less patient than most? Or are we right to grumble about complicated, hard to follow instructions?

I battled on with the constellation globe in the hope that it would all be worth it in the end, but alas, a perfect result was not to be. Thankfully my daughter forgave my paltry attempt and says it’s the best she’s ever had (and as it’s the only constellation globe so far in her short life, that’s not difficult!)

So, my plea here is for all manufacturers and cookbook writers – please oh please take care with your instructions, and have them tested, tested and tested again so we’re not filled with dread and bewilderment when we read them.

Here’s to a fabulous New Year, which should go with a bang, so long as we follow our firework instructions to the letter!