Can you podcast? Yes you can!

Podcasts – you may have noticed that they are increasing in popularity. You’ll find there’s a podcast on virtually any subject you have an interest in. They may sound like they are produced by experts, but many are created by ordinary folk like you and me!

In simple terms, a podcast is an audio presentation streamed over the internet. It requires a simple piece of kit to make a good quality recording, and a content plan.

For many though, the technical side is too big a hurdle to conquer, and this could be why others are doing it and not you – am I right?

So, let’s assume for a moment that the technical side is taken care of, so that you can focus on the content. Do you have knowledge, a passion or inside info that you want to share? Could a podcast help you reach an audience that could turn into paying clients?

Start with a plan

Podcasts aren’t just one offs – plan a series of episodes to help you gain a following that grows over time. Create a content plan from the start, so you maintain momentum with quality, relevant content that is put together in the right order.

Think about your target audience – who will your listeners be? What are their interests? Do they have pain points or concerns that your podcast will answer? What do you want them to do when they’ve listened to the podcast?

Question – will you be doing all the talking or will you include interviews, vox pops or guest presenters? Plan the mix of content carefully so that you have a coherent strategy from the start.

Have a structure for each show, with a beginning (intro), middle, and most importantly, a clear ending with signposts to more content and/or a clear call to action.

Branding and Production

Music, branding, sound effects, intros and outros, all pull together to create your recognisable brand and help you to create a relationship with your audience. Don’t be put off, this is where you can get creative and is part of the technical bit, something a great podcast producer can sort for you (ask me, I know one!).

Presenting technique

Remember, when you record you can stop, pause, and re-record, so don’t try to make it perfect first time, and don’t try to record the whole podcast in one go. Pauses and breaks can be edited out later. Speak clearly, purposefully, and stay on topic. Be somewhere quiet, make sure you can’t be disturbed (switch off your mobile!) and have a glass of water nearby.

Remember you can only be heard, not seen, so no sign language. Do smile though and allow yourself to relax, this will translate nicely to those who are listening.

If you’d like to talk further about making your podcast dreams a reality, I’d be happy to have a chat. We can help produce high quality podcasts, including editing and hosting, so that you can focus on the important bit – the content. We’ll advise on marketing too, to grow your following using podcast platforms and social media.

For more information, please get in touch.

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