Follow these instructions…

Christmas has been and gone, and with it lots of instructions – new child’s games, more adventurous recipes than usual to cook up in the kitchen, and technical household gadgets that should be simple to use but aren’t! Which made me spend more time than usual thinking about who writes these instructions – and how … Read more
Content marketing

Who needs content marketing anyway?

It’s a bit of a buzz expression I know, a bit like social media and the like. So do you really need to pay attention or will ‘content marketing’ go away in time? Here’s a quick heads up – we’re all making our buying decisions differently today to how we were just a year or …

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Not all content is the same

What I mean is, you can’t approach all content the same way. And the art of content marketing is to understand your audience, the way they operate, and the choices they have when they make buying decisions. Who are you talking to? Where are they in the buying cycle? What language do they respond to? …

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