Business to business marketing training

Our one to one training sessions focus on getting you out of the starting blocks of digital marketing. Before long you’ll have the know-how to create and schedule social media, write your own blogs, create graphics, measure results and a whole lot more.

We tailor our sessions to meet your needs. We’ll start a few questions to understand your overall business objectives, then put together a marketing plan to help you achieve them. We’ll work with you to put this plan in place, then step by step we’ll explain how to put your marketing initiatives into action.

The one on one sessions are all about putting you in the driving seat so that you’ll carry on using the skills you learn straight away. Whether you have just one hour a week to spare, or an hour a day, there is so much you’ll be able to do that will make a difference.

Where to start

You choose which marketing initiatives you’d like to understand better and have the knowledge to do yourself. Our list of topics includes:

Social media – Twitter and LinkedIn – these are most popular, and include plenty of short cuts and tips to help you become social media savvy on two of the most important platforms for B2B marketing. We’ll take you through how to write a winning profile, upload images that fit, create company pages and showcase pages, link these to your twitter feeds, and how to attract inbound enquiries from quality leads. This session can include Sales Navigator training on request and sponsoring content in LinkedIn.

Websites – Improving customer experience, website visibility and navigation, and how to make it easier for your customers to buy from you. We’ll also spend time navigating how to use WordPress to upload and manage your own website content.

Google Analytics – understand more about your website traffic – what are your most popular pages, where is your traffic coming from and which pages are under performing, plus lots more.

Content writing – we’ll start by creating a content calendar. We’ll look at the anatomy of a good blog so you can write your own with confidence,¬† how to resonate with the needs of your customers, and how to create content that is more likely to be shared, plus¬†where to post your blogs.

Email Marketing – running successful campaigns relies on good data, well written, targeted content and timing. Find out how to create emails that evoke a positive response, and why you shouldn’t write about what you do.

Each session lasts for 3 hours including a short break, or we can do a whole day (6 hours). We will require you to work ‘hands-on’ to make the most of this training. Ultimately, we want you to feel confident and proficient as a DIY digital marketer so you can be in control of your own marketing initiatives.

For more details including pricing and to book a session, please email