Don’t talk to me about solutions!

The lazy man’s terminology starts and ends with solutions – you’ll have come across it many times I’m sure.

But what does it actually mean? What does it tell you about how the company you are reading about can actually help you?

Some people even use the word in their Company name – it’s just so banal.

Storage solutions, IT solutions, recruitment solutions… the list is endless. But whoever you are, whatever you do, using the ‘s’ word is guaranteed to position your company way behind the competition.

I remember working on a ‘Solutions’ brochure back in the ‘80’s for a client that wanted to bring all of their product offerings together. And maybe then it was OK, but in today’s world, with ever more discerning buyers in the market, it just won’t do.

So, if you want your prospective customers to really understand how you can help them, take a tip from me and don’t talk to them about solutions!

Good marketing content has to meet with your customers’ expectations – you need to show that you really do understand their needs, their pain, and that your offering matches their needs exactly.

It takes effort, thought and the right choice of words but it’s time well spent to ensure you get your marketing content just right.

Fill your website with rich, sharp content and you’ll be pushing on an open door – escalating your product or service above anything else on your customers’ wish lists.

If you need help with pertinent content that gives your customers real tangible reasons to buy from you, please feel free to get in touch.